Access Link: https://wages365.com

 What is Wages365?

Wages365 is a web-based payroll system hosted on Cloud Computing infrastructure (private or public) to enable organizations of all sizes to securely access their payroll systems 24/7 using a browser.

All you need is a reasonably fast active Internet Connection (e.g. Fibre, 4G, 5G, and now even via Starlink)

It makes it easy for  institutions and professionals and to run their payrol from anywhere.



How we secure Wages365

Direct access to the host server infrastructure is only permitted via SSH key pairs

This means even if a hacker steels login credentials, they will not login unless someone authorized has shared their private key with them.

A firewall is enabled to ensure only permitted traffic is allowed IN and OUT, all other requests are denied.


Why Wages365

The ever changing technology landscape is influencing the way we all access information, which includes payroll e.g.

Work anywhere, anytime…
- Allow Staff to have direct access to not only download their pay slips, but a lot more data including those in remote sites/offices

Wages365 is designed to reduce the need for end-users to handle data technicalities such as making payroll backups as such processes are fully automated to run daily, and are monitored by the ICT personnel.

- A backup is also automatically made before closure of every month.

Cloud hosted with Redundancy

Being Cloud Hosted, we can provide technical support 24/7 without requiring client visitations which reduces work stoppages for payroll users.

-Cloud infrastructure is built to reduce failures, i.e. better than PCs
- Physical attacks on data are also eliminated for unauthorized people.

Decentralized Access for everyone: - e.g. those working at the Office, from Home or from the Branches
- Users can share the responsibility with others for quick processing of the payroll or any other tasks provided they are allowed
- Options for self-service, where you then now focus on approving inputs captured by your subordinates.

The Benefits of Wages365

Wages365 is a multi-user company system 

The sytem is cloud based and can be accessed online

System is multi-DATABASE

Has a 4-level  Access security restriction

Handles Salaried, Forex, Hourly paid, Daily paid and Shift paid employees

Wages365 can generate NAPSA, P.A.Y.E, NHIS



ØAble to produce consolidated Reports for PAYE, Pension, NAPSA, JVs

ØProduce Computer Media return for NAPSA, ZRA and NHIS

ØAutomatic transaction generation/Salary increments

ØPayroll calculation can be done as many times as possible

ØOffers four Loan interest calculation methods, i.e. flat rate, average interest, full interest and annuity.

ØInterfaces with a number of third party software such as accounting systems like; SUN SYSTEM, ACCPAC, PASTEL

ØPayment methods include Cash, Cheque and Bank

ØHas a number of ‘Electronic Salary Transfer’ facilities

ØProduce Skill Development Levy report

ØE-Mailing of the pay slips to individual employees

ØTransactions can be frozen or restored at any time

ØHas gratuity, terminal benefits, bonus and personal levy(March,June) handling facilities

ØHas provision for entering Forex based transactions

ØHas provision, when due 1st April, produce Workers Compensation Fund Control Board report

ØProvides for staff movements such as resignations, death, dismissals  and terminations
ØKeeps a history of all previous payrolls which can be accessed any time as historical information

ØProvides for printing Monthly Gratuity report

ØProvides for the printing Employee certificate of service

Ø  Provides for printing leave report     


ØAll reports can be viewed on the screen before printing

ØAll reports can be exported to e.g. MS-Excel

ØHas employees detailed reports by name, staff number, department, etc

ØCustomized payslips with logo can be incorporated if required

ØCan use any type of printer defined as the ‘default printer’